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Organised from Newest – Oldest

Free Will, Evil and the Greatest Good

Rochelle’s Quest for the Canon

Saving Oneself: The Monergist Objection

The Feast of the Entrance into The Temple of The Theotokos

Justification Sonship and Grace

On The Energies of a Simple God

Three Objections to Dyothelitism

Some Notes On the Christology of Nestorius

Identity (Part 2): Becoming Who You Are

Identity (Part 1): Finding Out Who You Are

Eastern and Western Unity Justice and the Hereafter

One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church Orthodox and Evangelicals

Death Died Because Love Lives

The Canon Authority and Infallibility

Why Icons

God’s Presence in Matter II (Great Cloud of Witnesses)

God’s Presence in Matter I

Sola Scriptura Matt Meaders Blog on Authority

Penal Substitutionary Atonement Contract and Debt

Monothelitism Energia and Maximos the Confessor

Beyond Being Pt. 1

Origen and Universalism Problem Solving or Problem Creating

The Open Door

The Concept of the Divine Energies

Saint Cyril on Divine Simplicity

Eva Nova

Loving the Other

Cirlot On Grace in and Outside the Church

Two Key Aspects to the Origenist Problem

Chapter 9: Augustinism Predestination and Free Will and St Maximus

When Tradition Doesn’t Matter Anymore

On the Tension Between Omnipotence and Salvation

Examining the Morality of Reprobation

A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken

Distinguishing Between Worship and Veneration Part 3: The Parable of the Light

When We See Him We Shall Be Like Him: Glorification and the Essence-Energies Distinction

Nestorianising Nativity Scenes

Thoughts On Romans 8: Justification and Pelagianism

Justified by Faith

It’s Friday: Flesh and God

John 6:53

Platonic Signs and Sacramental Realities pt 1

Pathway to the Truth: The Doctrine of Recapitulation

East and West the Essence and Energies Distinction

Iconography and the Tabernacle

The Incarnation and Intercession of Saints

Hilary of Poitiers on the Ordo Theologiae and Commentary by Joseph Farrell

The Augustinian Confusion a Sufficient Safeguard From Arianism Not At All

Thinking Out Loud: Jonathan Edwards and the Necessity of Creation

Sola Scriptura And Anarchy by Clay Whitteberry

Bad Calvinism

Could God Save Us From Annihilation Without the Incarnation

Genesis to Revelation

Response to Fr Kimel

Original Sin

Thoughts About Tim Challies Blog Post on Crucifixes

Communion of Saints vs Necromancy

Distinguishing Between Worship and Veneration Part 2: The Problem of Mary

Distinguishing Between Worship and Veneration Part 1: Icons and Saints

The Cross is the Incarnation

The Transfiguration and Our Own Transformation

The Trinity: Distinguishing Between Nature and Person

Sola Fide Again

Baptismal Evangelism

Unless You Are Born of Water

Inspiration As a Matter of Special Revelation

Quick Thoughts On Christ’s Two Wills and Impeccability

St Basil of Caesarea: A Letter to Gregory against Eunomius

Free Will and the Saints in Heaven

A Discussion On the Age of Accountability and Infant Salvation

Satisfaction Theory and Christus Victor in Job and Hebrews

Matters of the Atonement and Justification

Thinking Out Loud Compatibilism and Necessity

Manions Tutelage

Natures and Persons Grace in Reformed Theology and Eastern Orthodoxy

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