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Veroxian Society


I invite you to the world of C’ryun. Here you’ll find the Avalonians. Or “Verochians”  as they are sometimes called. They live on the Island of Avalonia, which is almost impossible to reach for outsiders. Here some people are born with Veroche: the ability that lets the soul affect the world directly. Mistakingly called “magic” by those who don’t know better. In return, those without it are called “The NV”, Non Verochians. Also refered to as the Envy, or worse, Soulless. Here you’ll find journalings about the history and every day life of the this world. As well as many short stories of those who lived in it.

Society & Culture – 

  1. The Magisterium
  2. Avalonia


Avalonian Lore – 

  1. Creation Mythos


Short stories Based in their World-

  1. Once Upon A Betrayal
  2. Little Winter
  3. The Lae-Lach Journals
  4. The Crown Saga
  5. Divinitas
  6. Solus



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