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Avalonia is an island divided by four great rivers. With each quadrant experiencing one of the four seasons all year round. Except for the Capital, an isle city at that heart of Avalonia which gets all of them in succession. On this island too the inhabitants, cut off by a mystic barrier from the rest of the world, each have what is called Veroxe, said “Veroshe” or “Veroche” (depending on ones accent): The power of the soul to affect the world around it. People tend to be grouped on the island based on which of the four Vershosian qualities, intellect, will, emotion, or sense, that they exercise the most. Formal education for these powers is from 15 to 19. One may choose to learn at home, or go through Orientation. Two years in the Capital, then two living with a family on the side of the island that bears their qualities.

Here I have collected the journalings of Lae-Lach, a boy undergoing Orientation, who lived a thousand years ago. Around the time when the mystic barrier had fallen. And non-Veroxians were learning about these strange people and the even stranger creatures that inhabited their land. Read his writings, and learn more about what life was like when the advanced Civilizations beyond the barrier, met the sophisticated society of Mystics within. See the culture, conflicts and chronicles of both our people’s pasts, with lessons for our present age to guide our future…

  1. Lae-Lach’s Journal – Entries 1-2
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