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The Brief History of Phylosphee 101

  Ito 1500 B.C: The question is, are you a journey or destination person? Rivato 1465 B.C: It is wrong to assume that a person can only be one of … Continue reading

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Everyone was looking. What began as proud shouting, now became the piercing wails of the fallen. A difference which to some was only in pitch. The yelling had been awful, … Continue reading

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Saved Wars III

   Historian: Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Pelagius the Wise? Seminarian: No. Historian: I thought not. It’s not a story the Monks would tell you. He’s a heretical … Continue reading

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Churches Having Hipster Problems as Christianity Appears Culturally Out of Fashion

I was recently approached by someone who let me in on some peculiar events at home. My friend, who I’ll call Claudette, mother of three, lives with her husband and … Continue reading

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Easter and Dawkinsism

I posted this on my Facebook on Easter, but I’ve decided to put it on my blog. Enjoy! —————————————————————————————————————- It is a little known fact that 2000 years ago, when … Continue reading

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Applied Philosophy For the Socially Awkward: What did she say?…

Me:  Hello Philosophically minded friends. I know you’re all bright and able minded individuals. So I have a most arduous task for your brilliant minds to tackle…. A female friend … Continue reading

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Amy: What Northern Irish Tourism Ads “Forget” To Tell You

Many of us who have travelled some bit are used to hearing the phrase “If you really want to get to all the cool stuff, you need to ask the … Continue reading

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