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Encounters With Mormon Missionaries

  I’ve┬áseen an increase in Mormon missionary activity in Belfast over the past few months (or perhaps I’m just noticing). I’ve had two encounters where I’ve actually spoken to them. … Continue reading

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One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church: Orthodox and Evangelicals

Becoming Orthodox was almost like learning another language. And trying to explain the new way of thinking to others has almost been like trying to translate foreign text. Which means … Continue reading

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What Got Me Thinking Pt.2: Living For Christ

—The following was an open letter written to my Christian friends prior to my reception into Orthodoxy.— It is probably no secret to many of you that for a while … Continue reading

May 11, 2016 · 1 Comment

Death Died because Love Lives

Humans want to know others and be known. So much that even if we had everything else but lacked this love and fellowship, life would be dry. But things get … Continue reading

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WICD: The Four Corners of Racism

The story is told of a guy who was to retire from 40 years in the construction business. His boss however commissioned him for one last job. Which the man, … Continue reading

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