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Just a simply-complex 20something year old graduate from Ireland that writes short stories, will hopefully put a stone in your shoe.


Hey! Yoshua the Storyteller here. Welcome to “Irish With a Tan!”. Where you’ll get loads of Theaolotales! What are those? I’m glad you asked! (sigh. cheesy). They are the three terrific Ts of Tea, Theology and Tales. How will you get Tea online? Mystery. Just grab a mug and pretend you’re drinking as you read. It’s like a rule or something here. It won’t feel the same otherwise! Storyteller is my preferred term when talking about writing. It sounds less mechanical and more enchanting! Which is what you want with a good story, to captivate your audience, bring them in and have it mean something to them. You don’t write that, you tell that… but you can tell it in writing. (One thing you’ll learn is that I’m simply-complicated… Oxymoron, or not, depends).

The point of this blog is really to get my stories out there. I get so many ideas for short stories and so this is where they’ll go. I also have short stories that I like to continue on. But rather than publish a book straightaway, I’ll post chapters of an idea that I get. I’ll also include random thoughts and posts on my page. So look out for those!

I believe that Creation and all of life is a story. And that it’s Author wrote Himself into this book, and by laying down His life, fixed what was wrong, conquered death, slew the dragon and made it possible for us to enter into a glorious climax of an all satisfying relationship with Him that never has a “the End” or “full stop.” Don’t worry, I’m not here to scare, but to share. So share your story with me and let me share with you.

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