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(Podcast) Irish With A Tan: Introductions, Getting lost in America, & Only Irish Post

Check out the very first episode of my podcast: Irish With A Tan: Introductions, Getting lost in America, & Only Irish Post <— Click here

Here I introduce what the show is about, talk a little bit about my time in the U.S and of course, a story from our beloved Ireland…

Tidbits from the podcast:

1. Ah yes, the good old Medora Musical. On every night of the summer. Probably already started! If you’re looking for a summer job in the United States, do check out the website and get in touch with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. They take a lot of internationals every year. Goodness. I can still hear the music in my head….



2. Our trip that day wasn’t a complete waste. At least we got to take a picture with this sign thing…



3. How on earth did we end up there?? “Marmarth is the largest city in Slope County in the U.S. State of North Dakota with a population of 143 as of 2014.”


4. I didn’t get to see the penguins. But at least I got me some Freedom!



5. Truly a story so Irish, it has probably left the immersion on at some stage…..



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