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The Magisterium



The Magisterium of the Avalonia’s official faith consists of five heads. One for each of the four regions divided by seasons. These are the Moon-Arches. Then there is the Sun-Arche, who resides in the capital city Avalon. The only place that gets four seasons. The Sun-Arche is almost always a woman. Though this is not a necessary rule, it has only ever been strayed from three times. Each Arche runs their jurisdiction autonomously within the tradition of the assembly, and agreements with other Arches. It isn’t common for all five to meet in the same place. Except either for the annual Feast of the Miraculous Flame, which occurs during the 7 day eclipse. Or to a general council, called by one of the Arche’s, given the approval of the reigning Monarch. The rulings of such councils are considered beyond reproach and binding, only in so far as the rules are properly adhered to. Otherwise it will not have the Crown’s (the main title of their deity’s) blessing.


  1. Order of the Assembly

The Sun-Arche is the visible head and representative of the Crown to the rest of the Assembly. The Moon-Arche’s are representatives of the Crown to their respective jurisdictions. The Moon-Arches have Habitables below them, which act as their representatives in the cities of their charge. Within those cities are the Priests or Priestesses as well as the ecclesial scribes called Sources. The source is not an office of the Assembly, but one who has demonstrated proficiency in articulating and uncovering the truths of the faith. Which matter since the faith is closely tied to the extra-natural powers called “Veroshe” or “Veroche”, that the members of this society are born with. These act almost as contemplative-scientists who uncover the powers and methods of controlling “the forms” by veroshe.


  1. Resolving Disputes

Generally speaking the five Arches are on equal footing, and none can directly interfere with another’s jurisdiction alone. If one Arche is unhappy with the conduct of another, they must bring it to a third to decide amongst them. If they are still not happy with the ruling, then they must go to fourth, appealing only to the Sun-Arche who has final say, as a last resort.


  1. General Council’s

These are rare events called, usually at times of crisis in regards to dogma or society to look for a resolution. With only eight having ever been called in the history of the Assembly. The way this works is that a consensus must tried to be reach. If not, then a majority ruling must be met. A general Assembly must at minimum include the involvement of all the Arche’s and half of the Habitables. For a ruling to count as majority, at least half of the Habitables and three of the Arches must consent. The Sun-Arche must always vote last and can under extra-ordinary circumstances veto the majority. The only way this can be stopped, is if the remaining four Moon-Arche agree on every point of a position. This means, if even one does not agree, the Sun-Arche on her own can bind everyone to their ruling. The Sun-Arche is also the only Arche that can never be deposed. Whereas the others can lose their position and be replaced, the bad Sun-Arche cannot lose her place, only her authority to act until such a time as she has a change of heart and is re-instated. If a Sun-Arche dies without being re-instated, then the next elected one, must perform what’s called the “Posthumous Repentance” ceremony. To cleanse the office of the Sun-Arche and once again have the Crown’s blessing.


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