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Saving Oneself: The Monergist Objection

Often times the charge from Calvinists, and those of the monergistic bent, is to claim that if we have free will in terms of UR, ultimate responsibility, then we are … Continue reading

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The Feast of the Entrance into The Temple of The Theotokos

  It’s interesting what one can see with fresh eyes. Growing into Orthodoxy has kind of been like learning a new language and culture, and some of the humour is … Continue reading

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Everyone was looking. What began as proud shouting, now became the piercing wails of the fallen. A difference which to some was only in pitch. The yelling had been awful, … Continue reading

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Encounters With Mormon Missionaries

  I’ve seen an increase in Mormon missionary activity in Belfast over the past few months (or perhaps I’m just noticing). I’ve had two encounters where I’ve actually spoken to them. … Continue reading

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An Argument For the Immaterial and the Soul

An argument for the existence of the immaterial since certain ideas are universals and matter can only be particular:   If all of reality is only material then universals couldn’t … Continue reading

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Justification: Sonship and Grace

Adam’s fall or rather loss of grace was a break in a special relationship with the Spirit. It is the Spirit that is the mark of Sonship. As the Spirit … Continue reading

November 1, 2016 · 3 Comments