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The Last Page…


“And so Nicholas, wandered the streets aimlessly. Living out what he felt was the now the natural direction of civilization, since 90 years ago humanity had successfully conspired to destroy every last book. Making it illegal to read and write, or teaching others to do so. At this very moment they were debating whether or not to forbid certain types of imagery. Since the human inclination towards symbolism was seen as a too much of a threat by the ruling class. The literate ruling class.

Everyone he knew and loved had been taken from him. Along with their contraband memoirs. Which Nicholas had tried so hard to commit to memory. But in his old age more and more pages seemed to be missing. Three decades having come and gone with not a single word read.

Left with no hope for this bleak existence, Nicholas made his way to the forest. With each step, his heart begging his mind for a reason to turn back. But by the time the cliff’s edge were in sight, being only moments away from taking a leap into the abyss, it dawned on Nicholas that if nothing was the end all things, then nothing was also the point of everything. Nicholas’ soul was finally crushed. And by now the begging had stopped.

Coming closer to his end, Nicholas saw something strange through his watery eyes. The moonlight seemed almost to point at this one curiosity among the shrubs. As if he were supposed to see it. Could it be? Or was his mind playing a cruel trick? Slowly reaching out as if afraid to scare away this illusion, Nicholas carefully put his hand on the page. He quickly stepped back, shifting his head side to side. A trap? No. It can’t be. Nicholas waited a little longer. Surely he was alone? But unable to hold back anymore, like a man who had found water in the desert, he clung to the page. The last page of the last book on earth, he thought. Almost reverently he knelt down bearing the page on the palm of his hands. Thanking whatever God there be for such a blessing. Then reading the very first words aloud, Nicholas lay back on the ground and wept. Reciting these words which filled his ears with hope and life “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away…”


2 comments on “The Last Page…

  1. Barry Goldwater
    January 22, 2017

    The words on that page should have read: “If you don’t reply to this post, your mother will die in her sleep”.

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