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The Tale of Three Woes

The Assembly, or magisterium of Avalonia’s faith has no formalized canon of books. There are many sacred writings, but seven are considered to be the most important. There are also a few creation myths, five of which are held by most of the teachers and leaders in this world. The favourite being the “Three Woes”.


Before all things was the Crown. Who shines splendidly in unseeable light.  But has chosen to make Himself known by His Love. Which shone forth and brought everything that was not into being. And with all the worlds, He made others. Made to enjoy the light which is the life of all things, and illumines all people. That by knowing love, they may come to know the Crown. That by seeing loves light, they might become those who see the One who cannot be seen. Each bearing in their innermost selves, a flicker of the unseeable flame. With the potential to become living fires of life.

In teaching them to be like Himself, the Crown put creation under their charge as an irrevocable gift. And so He placed them on the great world of C’ryun, in the land which is known to all as Avalonia. Here they were to begin to rule and to play.

Among them seven were chosen. Each guarding one of the Great Pillars which upheld the Crown’s throne, and joined it to all the worlds. And all was well for an age.

Until one of the seven, Ulan’Manaahr the one who stood by the key pillar, and whose flame had grown the brightest, saw himself fit to be lord over all. To rule each of the pillars and sit above them. Above the Crown. The more he dwelt on the greatness of his own light, the less he saw in others. Ulan’Manaahr in his conceit considered himself to get bright beyond measure. When in reality, his fire grew dimmer. And as the encroaching darkness filled his heart, he lost the power to see things as they are. Until in Ulan’Manaahr’s proud mind, there was no true light but his own. From that time on he sought to rid creation of the Crown by taking control of the pillars which united His throne to the worlds.  Ulan’Manaahr convinced the guardians of the pillar of light and the pillar of time, as well as those under them, to join him in his mission.

Their rebellion cast creation into turmoil and ever growing darkness began to swallow the land and sea. Bravely did they fight, who were loyal to Crown. But having known only peace and harmony, they were not prepared to deal with so great an evil. And all seemed lost. Until the Crown rose from his throne, and with his rays pierced the darkness. Casting it to the edge of creation. But everything had forever been changed. Corruption had marred the unity of the worlds. And no longer was the life of creation, its light, easily visible. Nor the Love of the Crown clearly seen by all. With the lingering darkness, the fire in their souls started to fail, their love was growing cold, and the first people began to die.

Seeing the destruction and grief they had wrought, the two guardians Light and Time, were pierced deep within. Crying out to the Crown for mercy, they came before His throne and cast themselves to the ground. To them the Crown said:

“Never will things be same because of what you have done. But I will not leave you or the people I made for joy, in despair. Since you O Time, have rebelled, time will no longer serve your needs, but you will be a slave to it. No longer will it give you enough of itself, but you will chase after it. And since you O Light have rebelled, neither light nor its power will fill all things as it ought. Creation will grow dark, shadows will be born. The eyes of the soul will grim weak ,and the minds of all be darkened the more they forget me, their life. And fail to recognize me, their light. But because you have turned back to me, there will be enough time and enough light for hope. I will bring all things back to myself. But as the three pillars fell, so too there will be three woes to overcome, before my throne is once again fully established among you.”

Overwhelmed by His mercy, many more who had rebelled came forward seeking the same forgiveness. But those who were too darkened to see even this light, remained with Ulan’Manaahr. The Crown then lifted both the guardian of Light and of Time into the dark sky. Where Light became Sun, and Time became Moon. There they would remain until the Last Day, as both guardians to the world and a sign of hope. But with the two guardians having lost most of their control, the Crown instructed Light and Time to teach others their ways. Lest two of creations pillars once again fall into destruction by neglect. The four guardians and those under them who didn’t fall, were rescued from the dying worlds. Those who didn’t rebel, but whose love had grown cold, remained in Avalonia. But the Crown had promised that He would come to them once a year. On the day when the Sun and Moon would meet, the living fire of His Love would appear. Those who had rebelled but returned, could neither stay in Avalonia, nor would see the living fire. But were free to fill the rest of C’ryun. And all who would keep their hope in the Crown, and live accordingly, would be rescued on the Last Day. But the ones who rebelled and remained hardened, they became shadows. Dwelling only in the deepest darkness, not even standing the light of the Moon. For a great many generations, things went on this way. And darkness was greatly held back. That is, until someone opened the First Woe… the Woe of Time.


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