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Here’s a synthesis of some Aristotelian-Thomistic thinking that I’ve put in my own words.
Either something:

a) has no existence

b) is self caused

c) is caused by another

d) is uncaused

If a thing does not exist then it has no cause and in principle couldn’t be the reason of its own existence if it did exist. Because it doesn’t now exist and if it did it would require a cause besides itself that already exists.

A thing cannot be self caused. To be self caused is to bring itself from non-existence into existence. But to bring itself into existence is to say that it existed before it existed and then brought itself into existence. This is a contradiction as something can’t both exist and not exist in the same manner or time. Therefore it’s absurd. This leaves only two other modes of being. A thing then that exists is either caused by another, or is uncaused.

If it is caused by another then it cannot be the explanation of its own existence. But if the only things that actually exist require something else to explain their existence then nothing at all would exist. As the totality of reality would be things that are contingent and depend on something beyond reality for it to exist. But there is nothing beyond reality, as reality is the scope of all things.

Therefore there must be that which is uncaused and the sufficient explanation for its own existence. That which is the foundation of all reality, as nothing can exist apart from it, and it has been such a foundation without beginning. Since there was never a time when it was not existing. And it must sufficiently explain and be the source of all things that exist. Which means it must possess actually, what all things have potentially. This includes consciousness and volition.

This uncaused cause possessing both consciousness and volition necessarily exists if anything else is to exist. And this is what we call God.

Things exist.

Therefore God exists.


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