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Death Died because Love Lives

Humans want to know others and be known. So much that even if we had everything else but lacked this love and fellowship, life would be dry. But things get … Continue reading

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The Canon, Authority and Infallibility

In discussing Sola Scriptura, there are three things that need to be clarified and understood, otherwise people will be talking past each other. These three things are what Sola Scriptura … Continue reading

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Why Icons?

This introduction is written as a first draft for my parish website: St Ignatius Orthodox Church Belfast. The picture was also taken at St Igantius’. —————- You may never have set … Continue reading

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WICD: The Four Corners of Racism

The story is told of a guy who was to retire from 40 years in the construction business. His boss however commissioned him for one last job. Which the man, … Continue reading

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God’s Presence in Matter II: Great Cloud of Witnesses

  “The doctrine of uncreated grace, which was first adumbrated by the Cappadocians, was a solution to the problem of how God could remain utterly transcendent and yet at the … Continue reading

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