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Two key aspects to the Origenist Problem

Energetic Procession

Some of the problems with Origen’s doctrine of say the pre-existence of souls or necessary creation are precisely two key principle problems in his doctrine elsewhere, however, we shall see he was very consistent. The first is a divine problem. For Origen, God’s essence has no mulitplicity or distinctions. Existence, Will, and Activity are wholly indistinguishable and identical. Since God’s activity is wholly indistinguishable we can say that he is an ‘ever-productive’ agent. To be ever-productive, the divine essence must create, since it has no distinction of being, essence, will and activity. The essence has but one object of willing to choose–it has but one good thing to do. We can therefore say, for God’s essence, true freedom is actually freedom from free choice. Thus, for Origen God was by definition Creator and Almighty:

Accordingly, to prove that God is almighty we must assume the existence of the universe. For…

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