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Saved Wars III

Historian: Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Pelagius the Wise?

Seminarian: No.

Historian: I thought not. It’s not a story the Monks would tell you. He’s a heretical legend. Pelagius was an ascetic, so powerful in speech, wise and harsh in his practice. He could even use his methods to rid anyone of their passions… bringing about spiritual life. He had such knowledge of the holy life, he even taught that all men naturally had the grace in them to keep themselves from spiritually… dying.

Seminarian: He had a doctrine that taught people could actually… save themselves from spiritual death?

Historian: The dark side of Church history is a pathway to many doctrines some consider to be unorthodox.

Seminarian: What happened to him?

Historian: He became so influential, that eventually he was condemned for lying about his true doctrines in order not to lose his power… which, eventually of course, he did. Unfortunately, Augustine knew everything he taught. Then condemned by the Council of Orange, his career was put to sleep. Ironic. His assumptions are unknowingly hailed in some traditions… but not himself.

Seminarian: Is it possible to learn this doctrine?
Historian: Not from an orthodox.


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