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Two key aspects to the Origenist Problem

Originally posted on Energetic Procession:
Some of the problems with Origen’s doctrine of say the pre-existence of souls or necessary creation are precisely two key principle problems in his doctrine…

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Chapter 9: Augustinism, Predestination and Free Will and St. Maximus

The following is the last chapter of an amazing book:  Free Choice in Saint Maximus the Confessor by Joseph P. Farrell, it can be found  here –         … Continue reading

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When Tradition Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Originally posted on Energetic Procession:
Michael Liccone has criticized by deployment of the canon of St. Vincent against the papacy. To be clear, I did not invoke the canon in…

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Saved Wars III

   Historian: Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Pelagius the Wise? Seminarian: No. Historian: I thought not. It’s not a story the Monks would tell you. He’s a heretical … Continue reading

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On the Tenstion between Omnipotence and Salvation

It is sometimes said that if God is all powerful, and all loving and all good, that there would be no evil. The problem of evil then is known as … Continue reading

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