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“Just friends,” she said.


At window

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Mark was thrown aback by Sarah’s snap reaction. He had never seen such a serious expression on her face before.

“It’s just a chip,” said Mark as he soothed the back his hand.

“You sound just like Kevin.”

“Who’s Kevin?” Sarah didn’t respond. Instead she turned her gaze to the window. Staring. Silent. Thinking…

…The two masked men had him bound hand and foot. He would shout but they had his mouth muffled. The room was poorly lit. Cold. And the lack of sleep was getting to him.

“Tell me Sarah,” said the taller masked man, “Tell me that he means a lot to you. Tell me that he is like family and I will spare him. Or tell me that he is just another one of your friends. One of many, that doesn’t stand out in any particular way and he will be dealt with.”

Sarah could see the hope and anticipation in Kevin’s eyes. They had been friends since four. Hardly a significant event happened in one of their lives, where the other would not be involved. And soon they were to start university together. But all that was about to change. This time, he went too far. Had he only asked, none of this would happened. But instead he did it. The fiend he did it. Not a night passed where it didn’t haunt her sleep. She had just bought a nice bag of chips from Mario’s. It was half price that day. £1.25 to be exact. She savoured every bite of perfectly chopped chips. As the aroma of salt and vinegar sealed its taste. Ensuring that each moment would be nothing but pleasure. Until he reached out with his dirty unsanctified hands. Sticking his monstrous claws into her bag, taking a beloved chip!… Stunned, she stood still. Flabbergasted and mouth wide opened. “Cheers mate” he said with a smile. Cheers mate? Cheers mate? The audacity! The presumption! Those words haunted Sarah for months… And now faced with this decision, she knelt down staring deep into his eyes, hoping that her words would do the same…

“Just friends,” she said.


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