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A New View: Fresh Starts


Some of my friends have set up a new online magazine called A New View. For young people, by young people. I’ll be contributing and writing articles there every now and then. But of course, I’ll reference them here too. Which is why I present an excerpt from my first piece, and a link to the rest. Enjoy!

“It’s always good to know *why* something is there before getting rid of it. And time doesn’t change the truth value of an idea, which aren’t physical objects that can deteriorate.To dismiss something as false simply based on its origin is to commit what’s called the “Genetic Fallacy.” One doesn’t live on genetic fallacies and ad hominems (essentially name calling) alone. But just look on social media or the YouTube comment section and that’s what you’ll find (on second thoughts, NEVER go to the YouTube comments section). I may not like someone, but something isn’t wrong just because they said it. And calling them a foul word isn’t giving an argument. Same goes for an idea, dismissing it because it’s old and calling it “out-dated” doesn’t do anything.” Making Fresh Starts Out of Old Ideas


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