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Hilary of Poitiers on the ordo theologiae and commentary by Joseph Farrell

Precision, Precision, Precision

Energetic Procession

“The term homoousios (of one substance) may express a grasp of the true faith; but it lends itself to deception.  If we apply it to a combination of distinction and likeness of nature, to insist that the ‘likeness’ asserts not a likeness in mere externals (speciem) but in underlying reality (genus), then our teaching accords with the truth of our religion: providing that we take ‘one substance’ as meaning a likeness of distinct entities, so that unity means not numerical singularity but equality…. If ‘Father and Son or one substance’ is taken as implying a single entity, though signified by two names, we may confess the Son in name, but we do not acknowledge him in thought, if by confessing ‘one substance’ we are asserting that one single being is himself both Father and Son.  Again, there is a foothold for the error which supposes the Father to…

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