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Beautiful A Capella Singing

As soon as it starts I’m getting the chills. This is beauty. I could only imagine being part of liturgy with this singing and those acoustics. You really get the heavenly sublime feeling with it. This isn’t mine. It was shared on Facebook, but is so beautiful. As far as I can tell, the original is


One comment on “Beautiful A Capella Singing

  1. Benjamin Scott
    September 23, 2015

    Yes it is beautiful, but do they have a contemporary worship service at a later time for the more hip and happening generation who are in touch with the music that has been playing on the heavenly ipods ever since The Beetles hit the TV sets of the world? Ever since Elvis, the cherubs changed their groove, man! And since The Jesus Movement, it was revealed by the Holy Spirit, Larry Norman and Lonny Frisbee. Now we conduct worship like they conduct war in Mad Max Fury Road. Times change man.

    Or alternatively, maybe Jesus Christ defines what it means to be human and times already changed with Him and cannot change afterwards. We only remember. With religion, truth is found at the beginning, not the end. Times cannot change in the way that so many assume they do, and the whole assumption that they do is a separation of spiritual from physical in a way which allows us to be anything we want to be in the world and still call ourselves “religious.” Thanks for sharing. Listening to such beautiful music is a reminder of things which are older and more profound than Carmen’s new groove or Amy Grant’s new boyfriend.

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