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Response to Fr. Kimel

Another excellent post by Perry Robinson on the Problem of Evil and Absolute Divine Simplicity, contra the Orthodox notion of God having more than just a divine essence, but a divine (uncreated) energies/activities. Which are distinct but not separate from the divine essence.

Energetic Procession

Fr. Kimel has written a lengthy piece giving something like an argument against my arguments and claims concerning divine simplicity. Some may have wondered why I haven’t responded. I wanted to see everything that was going to be said first. Since that has been said I am not convinced that much of anything either touches my arguments or shows that I am mistaken. In this way the comments pretty much fall into line with Fr. Kimel’s posts which do not engagement the arguments but merely dismiss them. I do not have the time to address everything that Fr. Kimel wrote, but I will do my best to address what I take to be the salient points. :0

1. Notice that no where does Fr. Kimel actually address the argument I have given concerning absolute simplicity and creation. Regardless of who holds to ADS that argument goes through and the conclusion…

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