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The Wats and the What

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Once deep in the forest was an opening surrounded by trees on each side. There in the opening was a little blue house, with even littler people inside called Wats. And smaller still was a blue door in that house, which no Wat seemed able to open. There were five who lived together in this house. And each day at least one of these Wats would try and open the little blue door. But every time they tried, it seemed something happened to stop them. Either one would get a cramp, another feel incredibly dizzy, or the handle would become too hot to hold. Something always stopped the Wats from seeing what was inside. It didn’t matter that they weren’t allowed. All that mattered was that they wanted to see.

One day, a certain Wat had bright idea, to which he told his friends “Is there not a window to this room on the other side of the house? Let’s build a ladder to reach it and see what lies in the room.”

With that they all hummed in agreement and got busy building their ladder. A little while later, having done their task, they set the ladder on the wall, all ready to climb. It wasn’t long before they began to fight over who it was that should climb up and see. As the rest of them argued, the smartest Wat among them, quietly started to climb. Slowly he went until he reached the ladders top.

And there, pressing his face against the window he saw:

[to be continued… maybe 🙂 ]


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