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If one wants to understanding the underlying assumptions of Reformed Theology’s rejection of Libertarian Free Will and Synergy, read this. It shows the importance of making the distinction of nature, person and grace. And that humanity’s relationship with God was always meant to be synergetic.



Energetic Procession

Russ Manion is a great friend of mine. When I was 15 or so and was reading Josh McDowell stuff, he more or less tutorted me in apologetics. He had a very long running apologetics discussion group out of his home. It ran for more than 20 years.

Russ always had a knack at balancing participation with leading a discussion. He used to say that he would bring back  wounded kill for the cubs to practice on. He’d toss some poor villiage atheist into the shark tank and let us go at it.

Recently I have been having a polite conversation with John Hendryx of about Molinism, Augustine, grace and free will. You can read the exchange here. In any case, below is my most recent response. In paragraph 16, there is some new material to consider.


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