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When Dublin Met Paris: A Short Introduction



This is a story about a boy, who loved a girl, who loved the boy, who proposed to that girl, who said yes, and then they both lived happily ever after. Well…

It didn’t exactly happen all that nicely. It’s more like the story of a boy who spilled very expensive wine, on a very expensive dress, which belonged to a now very angry girl, which gave a furious look to, a boy who forgot that he had ordered music to play so he could propose at a now very awkward moment, in which he did it anyway,
and then they both lived happily ever after. Well…

It’s also the story of a semi-clumsy boy on a farm, who accidentally made this semi-high maintenance girl fall, into a pile of fertiliser, who then gave a very angry look, to a boy who didn’t know whether to run or help, who after some thought did the right thing, by helping up a semi-high maintenance girl, who was offered a change of clothes, by a boy who would always recall this story as the train wreck of how they first met and then they both lived happily ever after. Well…

There’s also a bit of background story you need to know. You see the boy you just read about is a nice fun loving Irish man from Kerry. The son of a farmer, he later moved to Dublin and became a radio host. He’s not too extraordinary. In fact he could well be your neighbour from down the road. Known for being a bit of a messer he went ahead and married himself a quite serious woman. Oh and did I mention she’s French?


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