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(Podcast) Irish With A Tan: Introductions, Getting lost in America, & Only Irish Post

Check out the very first episode of my podcast: Irish With A Tan: Introductions, Getting lost in America, & Only Irish Post <— Click here Here I introduce what the show is … Continue reading

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What if in society all that mattered was Beauty and Youth? What if it determined everything in your life, from the people you could associate with, to the food you can … Continue reading

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Introduction Avalonia is a large Island continent, with a land mass a little larger than what in our world is North America. It is actually a connection of four very … Continue reading

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The Magisterium

Introduction The Magisterium of the Avalonia’s official faith consists of five heads. One for each of the four regions divided by seasons. These are the Moon-Arches. Then there is the … Continue reading

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Lae-Lach’s Journal – Entries 1-2

Entry 1. – Devembfel 20th – Evening – Second Watch Is this working? Hello? I guess I’ll find out later. I’ve been messing around the past few weeks. Mixing forms … Continue reading

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Modern Day Annunciation

Nothing ever seemed to change. Falling back on the bed, the young lady rested her sore hands and blistered feet. Her knees creaked, and back ached, after a long day … Continue reading

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Free Will, Evil & the Greatest Good

I’ve recently had two discussions about the issue of free will, highlight some important reoccurring ideas. The first discussion was with a Christian Determinist, where the talk centered around the … Continue reading

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The Sting of Romance

  O that old scorpion Romance, How oft doth trick me so. When by life’s current I wait to swim It begs with me to go.   See, I will … Continue reading

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The End of Countenance II

  “Come brave souls, so far who’ve have made it. Dare to take one final step. Better to have not started building the house, than midway leave it. A few … Continue reading

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The End of Countenance

  “I do not lightly take this tale to quill. A fairy-tale. Only called such to ease you into world that really is. In two parts I tell it, so … Continue reading

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